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A friendly and creative, design service for business, marketing and e-learning.

Suppling a range of motion graphics, 3D, presentation, video production and artwork skills, for clients and budgets of all sizes, each focused on delivering dynamic, memorable and effective content.

Expert local presentation designer freelance

​I've worked for many different types and sizes of clients , some of the larger ones include; PlayStation, FT, UCB, The Times, Sony, Coca-Cola, Universal, Esterline and DHL.


Even though those companies are huge, I've mainly worked for small and medium sized businesses, with more modest budgets, looking for a creative hand to help them move up a level with their marketing content. 

Every job is different, with new challenges and styles.

Much of what I do I can't show you but hopefully the quality in my showreel speaks for itself, and you can translate my style onto your own projects.

If you feel I could help you or your team on your upcoming projects, then please call now for a chat.


Alternatively, email me or contact me via the form below to find out more information about timelines, prices and any other questions you may have.

​​Hi, I'm Steve Inglis, I'm a freelance digital content designer / animator based in South London and my company is Shake Studios. 

My motion graphics, video and design service can create informative presentations that make a big impression,, animate 3D product videos to engage and explain, and produce promo videos to impress and entice. We can shoot high quality corporate videos to show who you are, and design advertising content to help market your business.

I've been doing this now for over 20 years.  I have been able to do it for this long, with many of the same clients, because I've always offered an effective, friendly and reliable creative service at sensible, non-agency prices.

Even though I'm freelance, it doesn't mean I always work alone. I still have an experienced network of people who I can call upon, with top-end camera operators, designers, illustrators and account managers, available if required.

what I do

My main skills

• 3D Animation

• Motion Graphics

• Design / Typography

• Product Rendering


Video Editing

• Vector Graphics

• Artwork

Image Manipulation

Visual Effects

3D Rendering

Presentation Design

• Concepts and ideas

• After Effects

• Photoshop

• Premiere Pro

• Illustrator

• Audition

• Acrobat

• Cinema 4D

• Octane

• Element3D

• Keyshot


• PowerPoint

• Resolve

​• Animated Product Video

• Explainer Video

• Promotional Video

• PowerPoint Presentation

• Training Video

• Corporate Video

• Testimonial Video

• Digital Poster Animation

• Display Artwork

• Product Renderings

• Visualizations

• Logo Design

• Websites

Software used

Main projects 

Main design skills
Design packages we ue
Main Project types
Specialist design company's portfolio or aniamtion, design and video work
animated video and motion graphics

Every business offers a product or service, so the need for them to celebrate, promote and explain them to their target audience, clearly and memorably is so important.

Product, promotional and explainer animations are the perfect way to help deliver these messages.

Quickly highlight technical specifications of your product or service, point out areas of interest, and show all relevant information needed to impress, inform, and inspire.

Product, promo
& explainer videos


We can help you out in those big meetings and pitches by turning your over-cluttered and dull slides into a more interesting and effective way to visually tell your story.


A clear, informative and eye-catching presentation is memorable for the client and gives the knock-on effect of more confidence to the presenter.


We can create animated intros, bespoke artwork, 3d charts, graphics, videos and animations all designed to make your new presentation attractive, engaging and easy to absorb.

Video production company

​We can offer a top-class video production service using broadcast level camera experience and equipment.

We specialise in promotional, testimonial and corporate videos for companies of all sizes. We help management, staff and their clients, get their information, ethics and success stories across to the viewer, all whilst looking and sounding amazing.

We have over twenty years experience in video production, so you're in safe hands. We work closely with our clients every step of the way, from the spark

of an idea, to final delivery.​

Digital adverting and social media video design

​Engagement with video content is about 10x more than static imagery, so it's a no brainer to want to make the most of your digital spaces, quickly & effectively.

Online, we can use motion graphics to create an attention grabbing social media post, use shot video to make a human connection with your brand, or create artwork and animated GIF's to promote and drive sales.

In the real world we can produce exciting adverts for digital posters or displays in lobbies, exhibition stands, foyers, shop-fronts and point-of-sale areas.

Digital advertising
& social media

Product visualization and design

Video is taking over many platforms but static images, artwork and brand graphics are still as important as ever. All media still requires elements of graphic design; logos, 3D product shots, typography, photography, vectors and image manipulation.

We offer a wide variety of design services, from product visualisations, 3D renderings, presentation graphics, exhibition artwork

to logo creation, branding, wayfinding

and signage.

Design, artwork
& product rendering

Your projects could include a variety of eye-popping motion graphics, 3D animation, images, visual effects, artwork, graphics, audio or beautifully shot video.

By using a mixture of all these different design options I'll be able to create something exciting, visually compelling and cost effective.

Your PowerPoint presentations could start with a refreshed design, a new intro logo animation, have looping animated backgrounds, dynamic charts, graphics and real-time 3D models, wrapped up in a sleek, interactive menu system. Perfect for playing in-person or impressing over a zoom call.

Your product videos can have 3d versions of your physical products, beautifully rendered, with the camera smoothly panning around them, calling out all the key features and technical specifications. 3D is brilliant for showing angles and hidden details that would be near impossible normally with such clarity and control.

Quickly getting across your information is so important these days with ever decreasing attention spans, so eye-catching animated explainers are perfect for the job.

Company services can be explained and processes broken down, for use in presentations, event displays, websites, social media and exhibition stands. 


I can also produce stunning broadcast quality corporate video and testimonials, allowing your management, staff or your favourite clients explain to the world what it is you do, and what makes your company and people so special.


​In short, if there's a screen, I can help display your companies services, products, brands and offers, in an effective and easily absorbed way. 

Please call 0208 123 5252, email or use the form below to contact me and I'll get straight back to you.

how I work


Thank you for your time and interest, hopefully you found the information you needed and would consider working together with me on your next project.

If you'd like to talk about an upcoming job or have an idea you want to have a chat about, then please give me a call or contact me using the form below, and I'll get straight back to you. 

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Freelance designer of powerpoint presentations, 3d aniamtions and artwork


Steve has done an absolutely fabulous job for us in every way. From designing our logo, website, social media videos, print, PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos, social media templates... everything has been done exactly to brief. Fast, friendly, and just really easy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough and attribute a lot of our success to his incredible ideas, creativity and service.
Sarah Merry
Rockpool Recruitment

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